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Like It or Not, That Day Will Come Around Each Year

The other day I was listening to a friend deliberate on what to call the day her injury struck. Something about the notion of calling it the anniversary was bothering her. She was wondering if it was something to be celebrated. Of … Continue reading

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Another triathlete’s account of a recent accident

This is detailed account of an accident that a fellow triathlete just had this week. He does quite a thorough job of describing the acute phase of recovering from a head injury. Time will tell how much of an injury … Continue reading

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A New Kind of Bucket List

Just a short note to acknowledge another moment in what is becoming a trend. Stupid stuff that I hope is just that, not a medical situation. Today, while working out at the gym, I fell off a treadmill. I don’t … Continue reading

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PowerCranks are miserable but worth the pain.

This whole rehabilitation process is often demoralizing but at least I’m used to pushing myself hard in the physical activity department. I just need some extra motivation. Well that and making believe I’m still 17 is also necessary some days.

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Adapting to Memory Problems

My wife just looooved to tell stories about my memory problems in those early days after the accident. Once I got discharged from rehab and sent home it wasn’t so funny anymore. because she was going to have to go back to … Continue reading

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Some Things Didn’t Get Wrecked

I’ve noticed that most of these posts tend to dwell on things of a negative nature. Perhaps because I haven’t been posting in my category about my time course in this recovery process. It’s not all bad though. I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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Losing top marks on Strava

Got an email today. Like several others I received this summer, it told me that someone on Strava has stolen my top ranking on some bike or run segment. Oh well. It was bound to happen. And by the way, … Continue reading

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What I Would Like to Do Here

In my opening post I wrote about my accident and began to open up the discussion of getting over what happened to me. That’s what I’m doing here and I hope I can keep it focused on what I want to … Continue reading

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