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A New Kind of Bucket List

Just a short note to acknowledge another moment in what is becoming a trend. Stupid stuff that I hope is just that, not a medical situation. Today, while working out at the gym, I fell off a treadmill. I don’t … Continue reading

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TV Shows Just Aren’t Helping Us

This isn’t something I hear of course but if I see one more dang television drama that involves a severe injury without any consequences… For example, the show, Scorpion. Two weeks in a row now they have completely glossed over the … Continue reading

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PowerCranks are miserable but worth the pain.

This whole rehabilitation process is often demoralizing but at least I’m used to pushing myself hard in the physical activity department. I just need some extra motivation. Well that and making believe I’m still 17 is also necessary some days.

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My Homework at the Mall

Or maybe it was a Cub Scout merit badge or something. This week I was given a homework assignment by one of my therapists. She asked me to simply go to a mall and try to do some Christmas shopping … Continue reading

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A Mild Dramatic Brain Injury

In my very first post here I mocked myself for being a bit dramatic. But maybe it’s a testament to my slow progress that it took me more than a month to come up with the larger joke in the title of this post. This … Continue reading

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