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My name is Peter Wick. I’m pretty much your standard Ace Hardware 70 Kg male. Okay, okay, 77 Kg, but that’s not important. I was someone who was pretty good at almost anything put in front of me. Music, academics, software, medicine, woodworking, handiwork around the house, endurance sports, wise-assery, pontificating – all sorts of things. A real jack of all trades you might say.

Until I crashed in a race. That’s my helmet up top in the pic. Now I’m hoping to restore myself after a traumatic brain injury. I don’t know if I can expect a full recovery at this time (less than a year post-crash) but that doesn’t mean I’m giving in and just accepting how miserable life can be now. I want to get it all back and I probably won’t be satisfied just working back up to a nine of all trades. But that would be a good start.

    • Athletic Rebuilding My brain injury really pressed that Reset button. This section is going to track the stuff I’m gonna see on my way back to wherever I can get.
    • My Experiences and Chronology I think this category is needed to sort out the stories about what happened to me along the way versus the more conceptual thoughts I wanted to post.
    • If I Hear That One More Time… Brain injury is often misunderstood. This section is likely to have rants about the things you tend to hear over and over again.
    • Random Notes Just like it says. I will try to keep these random thoughts pertinent to brain injury recovery and life.

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  1. I love this site!

    It seems you are still recovering. In my experience, it took about two years before I knew where my normal was. I pushed and pushed, tried to keep working and even stay in my grad school classes. It only made my brain more vulnerable to injury. Then, when I got into a second car accident a year and a half after my first, I was flattened like a pancake!

    Almost five years post my initial TBI, I wish I had slowed down even more, asked for more help, and learned earlier how to receive and surrender. It wasn’t until I learned how to truly rest and stop climbing mountains, stop achieving, let go of all my dreams and goals for the time being, that I began to heal. It wasn’t a process I could force. It was the most difficult lesson of all.

    My close male friend sustained a similar TBI around the same time, and he rested. Now he is back to work, up and at it! Though, his constitution is innately stronger. And, he is, like you, a strong, powerful, man, with cultural pressures that women do not have.

    This is utterly fascinating and delightful.

    Much Love,

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