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Can’t Unsee That

Arrrrrgh!!! I can’t unsee that! I’ve picked up this recent wise crack and used it with a wry chuckle in my throat many times. I’ll give you a little chuckle of your own here.  This was me last weekend just … Continue reading

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Other Voices – Shawna

I’ve always said that I wanted this blog to be more than just me yammering I mean reflecting on how life goes after a brain injury. Maybe I’m a good writer, maybe not. I do know that no matter how I … Continue reading

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Another triathlete’s account of a recent accident

This is detailed account of an accident that a fellow triathlete just had this week. He does quite a thorough job of describing the acute phase of recovering from a head injury. Time will tell how much of an injury … Continue reading

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Again with the helmet…

After taking a look at this blog a long-time friend of mine mentioned that the helmet picture in the page header reminded him of a fish like the Haida drawings of salmon. Well I’ll be danged. These look very close; even the colors … Continue reading

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