What I Would Like to Do Here

In my opening post I wrote about my accident and began to open up the discussion of getting over what happened to me. That’s what I’m doing here and I hope I can keep it focused on what I want to do here, which is to bring out issues relevant to the recovery from a brain injury. Of any kind. That is the main reason for this effort, at least in the Serious Notes on Brain Injury category I set up.

I also hope to have some other folks I know who have experienced a brain injury contribute their observations and helpful ideas. Remember that pontificating I mentioned on my About page? That may have appeared to be a self-deprecating joke but it is not. I can get lost in my message and while I sometimes come up with intelligent and humorous stuff, I want to have a space in this blog for discussing serious items.

I hope it makes a difference. As I was mulling over whether to do this whole thing a person encouraged me to go ahead and start and this is what she said. “If it helps even one person it’s worth it.”

I agree.

About peterwick

I was a long-time jack of all trades. Until suddenly I was different.
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