Some Things Didn’t Get Wrecked

I’ve noticed that most of these posts tend to dwell on things of a negative nature. Perhaps because I haven’t been posting in my category about my time course in this recovery process.

It’s not all bad though. I’ve gotten some things back and I’m grateful for those recovered abilities. There are some things that apparently never left. I was always still capable of making jokes. Not many of them were purely funny in the general sense. Most were lampooning myself and I recognize that it’s ultimately harmful. Well today in choir I realized that part of my old self is still there.

I can be quite the trouble maker when I’m bored with the music, even during the service itself. During practice I tend to mess around with the bass part and harmonies once I’ve gotten my part down. I’d been doing that for years and our small choir tolerates it knowing that I wouldn’t fool around too much in Mass. Except when the piece is repetitive. Today was one of those days that had some prime opportunities. I didn’t sing them loud enough for people to hear but the guy next to me (a good friend, even still) was chuckling and giving me some funny looks. But come on, Taize music is just plain asking for it. At least I kept the blue-ish notes to only passing tones.

About peterwick

I was a long-time jack of all trades. Until suddenly I was different.
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2 Responses to Some Things Didn’t Get Wrecked

  1. Steve West says:

    Ha ha…. I guess you can say the devil made you do it!

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  2. peterwick says:

    You could blame that devil for lots of things I did before the accident.


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