Where the hell did I park the car?

I can only imagine how it might have been to have a brain injury during a time when remote car keys didn’t exist. Sheesh. That reminds me. I should replace the battery in my remote so maybe it can have its range back… Somebody email me a reminder, huh?

I can laugh about it now but I wonder if I’d be laughing if I didn’t have a coat when it was a nice 45ºF in the afternoon but now it’s windy and 20ºF at 9 pm… And no, this would not have been a good time to hear someone say “Eh, I do that all the time.” An addendum to this would be when someone blithely says it’s the start of Alzheimer’s disease. Maybe in some ways this is similar to dementia but I already beat myself up with jokes about losing my mind.

This reminds me of those first couple of weeks after I finally started using the calendar book my speech pathologist suggested I get. I would set it down somewhere and it was if it was immediately transported to Omaha. It took a long time to settle on a designated place to keep things so that I could find them when I had to go out. I guess I have to start texting myself my car’s location before I walk away or use a phone app for this.

If I can remember to do it that is.

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I was a long-time jack of all trades. Until suddenly I was different.
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