I’m fortunate my TBI is considered mild.

Really. In the grand scheme of things it could have been so much worse. Before I get too far into this post I should say that there are so many different things to say about that. I realized as I was preparing this post that it was getting close to the 5 figure mark in the word count so I’ll get this very brief message out to broach this subject. For a more educated source of information I suggest you visit a resource like Brainline.org or another such source.

Brainline.org’s take on the matter of traumatic brain injuries that fall into the mild category.

I must say this right here. I am incredibly lucky. Yes. In fact I should say that again. I’m incredibly lucky.

I felt awful this summer. I could waste all sorts of e-ink being dramatic about it (and yes, I did but I’ve already deleted it so you don’t have to be afraid to read further) but I’ve never felt that way before. Unlike the bodily harm I thought I’d be able to adjust to, I could not be convinced the problems due to my brain injury would ever improve. And as all the painful stuff came together like a beef stew in a slow cooker I got further and further into a deep and anxious depression. I won’t go into it all here because the damage inventory is tiresome to read. Even for myself and that’s in spite of how it can get me riled up over what I would think was the injustice of it all. So how is it that I can say 5 months down the road that I believe I’m further along on the road to recovery than I ever thought I’d be?  I think that answer starts with the finding that my TBI is mild. Oh sure, I have some problems that are going to take a lot longer to resolve. Don’t get me wrong though. Even with a mild brain injury life is different and harder now.

ETA: Okay, those last few sentences get confusing but I’ll leave them be, if only to illustrate how I get into muddled thinking even when I’m trying to summarize. I should probably say that my mild TBI is receding and those are welcome sensations. There is a lot more work to do and I hope to continue on a positive trajectory.

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4 Responses to I’m fortunate my TBI is considered mild.

  1. Lydia H says:

    “Mild” is a misnomer. While most people recover fully from a mild TBI with rest, many have ongoing effects of he injury for years. So much depends on the mechanism of the injury and factors of the individual. Past history of TBI can impact the recovery from subsequent injuries,

    You’re not alone. Keep hope, keep working on the areas that are effected. Things will improve.

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  2. Lydia H says:

    You know, there’s nothing wrong with writing about how TBI effected you. It’s not necessarily drama. It might help people understand TBI more. Just a thought.


  3. peterwick says:

    Thanks, Lydia. You’re not kidding about it being a misnomer. I’ll keep writing. Don’t worry.


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