The opposite of losing your life connections

Here’s a blog post from about what we do naturally when our social network in real life falls apart. If your brain injury hasn’t caused too much debilitation you find that your world just isn’t what it used to be. The previous post about how being stuck with an image of yourself or the survivor contributes to your isolation was pretty depressing, I know. This post by David A. Grant is better than the one I was working on about how I’ve reacted to that this past year. It turns out that I’ve been building my own personal network of survivors of all different types. We get along. We understand each other’s struggles and just seem to know how to send supportive messages. It’s like a different kind of family.

Building a “Survivor Family” After Traumatic Brain Injury


A great thought here: …Perspectives I have in year five were not possible early on after my brain injury. Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, I now see that my family was not fractured. It was slowly being rebuilt as a new kind of family — a survivor family.

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I was a long-time jack of all trades. Until suddenly I was different.
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