TBI Support Communities on the Web

It’s been a while since I have posted anything with regularity and I decided to speak to that in this post. I stopped writing too much about being a TBI survivor on my own Facebook wall because, well, those details aren’t something everyone will understand. Or want to read for that matter. When I found some ‘closed’ (or private) FB groups centered around brain injury survivors and caregivers I quickly got immersed in private discussions. Talking more about the real gritty details with other survivors has felt much more nourishing. Most of that stuff does not belong on a blog like this. I’ll still be writing. It will just take more consideration and editing for those ideas to wind up here.

If you search on TBI or brain injury in Facebook you’ll find a number of special interest groups. Some are joined simply by ‘liking’ the page and others are private and need the moderator to approve a request to join. Some are only for survivors and others include caregivers and friends. Each develops into its own community and as such, they do a far better job at bringing people to a better understanding of their own TBI and fellow survivors than anything this blog could turn into. Please respect the intent of these groups. Members discuss very difficult issues there and would most likely be mortified if their comments were seen by friends and family or spouses or co-workers, etc.

There are also more professional websites devoted to brain injury advocacy and education. Those sites are quite well developed and sometimes connected with major research institutions in some way. Yet another reason for me to change the grand vision I had of this blog. In fact, I spend a lot of time reading articles on these sites for my own learning efforts. Here are three that I can remember from the bookmarks bar on my browser. I’m sure there are more out there. Put some in the comments if you have some good ones to add. And Thanks.




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3 Responses to TBI Support Communities on the Web

  1. You are very fortunate to have these resources, Peter. When I was fresh off my injury in 2003,nothing like this existed.

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  2. peterwick says:

    I certainly am. Ya know, you can take part in them, too. There are people in those groups that are 20, even 30 survivors. All kinds of injuries, all kinds of backgrounds and all kinds of current conditions.


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